Building THE baking studio – part 2

This next part of the Baking Studio story is made in partnership with NEFF Sweden

And what a story it has become! I’m very proud to now present the setup of ovens that will be used in the locale.
The core purpose of my newly started business is to mediate knowledge about the craft of breadmaking, using sustainable methods and sources. In the vast planning stage of building this studio I looked at so many options regarding the ovens. The most important factor being how they would support the earlier mentioned core purpose, so in the end the choice was made to go with high end domestic ovens.
An important goal for each interaction in the Studio is that the participant (physically present or digitally) will leave with the tools and principles to bake in any type of oven. It is my deepest conviction that working hands-on in a domestic oven will give the opportunity to understand how to get consistant results, even when scaled up for professional appliance and for professionals attending the workshops.

The finished “Wall of ovens” in the baking studio. On top of the furniture holding these 6 ovens there’s also a stone bench for storing. I’ll probably stack my cane baskets here in the future for drying!

I came in contact with NEFF in Sweden (through my partners at Ballingslöv in Falkenberg who is also the local reseller) and found that they were very interested in supporting this project, to show just how high quality of baked goods I can make in their product.
I’m very grateful and humble to say that without this partnership, a dream studio like this, with such well engineered machines to match the ambitions for my bread, would not have been a possibility.
Those of you who have followed my baking for some time knows I like to dive deep in to how the tools can be used optimally, to create great results. With this being said I can’t wait to get in to the features of these modern domestic ovens, using steam & proofing programs and much more. When doing some test baking, I found that the conduction and convection efficiency is greatly different (in a better way) from my earlier ovens used in a domestic environment. Also, the Slide & Hide function of the oven doors is just so neat when doing workshops where each participant will have their own (or team up on an) oven.

The Slide & Hide function of these ovens will come in handy when demoing what’s baking, and when more people are moving around the ovens during workshops. 

I’ll be sharing more in-depth insights and guides using these features that could help when baking, and of course also offering alternative ways if you don’t have this yourself – in the coming year.
Besides from mediating the knowledge in bread, I’ll also be producing and selling bread, buns and sweet rolls this summer and I’m really looking forward to optimizing the baking logistics for a greater number of loaves and buns. The challenge is half the fun!

Quality will always be prioritized before quantity in this baking studio. Practicing from the most basic principles trumps using professional laser precision tools that’ll make a lot of the work for you. So, the choice of not going for a bigger deck oven/professional convection oven feels very right going in to the next chapter of this story.

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