Hi, I’m the guy on the right.

I use this tiny space on the World Wide Web to give you musings and perspective about baking natural, sustainable and beautiful bread.

Read more about my philosophies regarding bread making, the purpose of this site and why you should join me in this first post. The posts I’ll be making here will be more in depth, exploring the science and best practice regarding the process of baking. My goal is to give you comprehensive guides, recipes and general musings 1-2 times a month. My main media is my Instagram page (@danlarn) where I’ll give you more frequent posts from my many bakes!

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Daniel is my name and I live in a town called Falkenberg, Sweden, located on the beautiful west coast. I’m the father of the little guy on the left.
I started baking in the autumn of 2015 and it quickly became a great passion (or borderline obsession). It was during my one year parental leave from my day job as Team Leader at one of Europe’s largest Telecom companies.