The Purpose – My Philosophy

Hi there!

There’s a short version and a long version describing the purpose of this site.
Short: Making consistently great bread is really hard and is supposed to hurt. There’s a reason why your bread looks nothing like the “make the best bread with the smallest amount of effort” books and blogs. Let me tell you why.
Have I caught your attention? Great! – Let’s get into the longer version.

I will use this tiny space on the World Wide Web to unload the massive amount of thoughts regarding bread that’s spinning around inside my head most of the day. I’ll let you know my methods, theories, insights and overall ramblings regarding the process of baking.

The expected therapeutic effect this will have on my racing mind is an upside. The main purpose is to share wisdom and get wisdom back from a globally spread community of like-minded. You can gain knowledge by studying and reading others work but it won’t give you anything until you put it to practice and start comparing. I strongly believe wisdom comes from your own experiences and conversation with others. This is when the real learning and changes starts happening.

With this said I’ll admit I’m no scholar or educated baker. I’m just a guy who started baking bread for his son in the autumn of 2015. Slowly this became a way of focusing my inner forces into something I could share with others, touch, taste, smell and feel. The creation, refinement and constant improvement is so rewarding to me. Not knowing exactly how it’ll turn out and at the same time trying to control it to create consistency is an enigma that’s too tempting for a guy like myself.


I’m 32 years old and I’ve spent most of my adult life learning about my own behavior in given situations. I’m driven by personal development and finding a best practice (that REALLY works) by applying process to real or digital systems. Digging into natural, chemical and civilization-enabling forces (bread) with this mindset is recipe for total success or utter destruction. Time will tell.

Every baked bread carries its own history and heritage. It becomes more attractive with every layer of complexity. From the soil where the grains are grown, to the type of grain cultivated, the farmers and the millers. The natural yeast bacteria and acids doing its wonder with sugars and proteins, refinement of one of the oldest and most natural sources of life. The final touch before baking where the story gets its face and soul, making it bloom in the most wonderful of ways. The potential of the baked goods. Sharing it with others, eating together. A sense of purpose and instant response to days of nurturing a process.

So let me tell you why you should follow my journey once again (the purpose of this blog) with the long version behind us. Everyone everywhere can at some point make naturally leavened organic bread that’s considered tasty and looks appealing. If you want to make THE BEST bread that tastes better than any bread you’ll ever buy, that’s really too beautiful to eat, and do this consistently; You have to put effort and soul into it and really gain wisdom about your environment, your ingredients, the natural cropped-img_7390.jpgprocesses around you and inside the dough and all other things potentially affecting the outcome.

Now let me just put a disclaimer out there before you start reading any of my other posts. What I write is what I believe is true at the moment I’m writing it. I do not claim it’s THE right way you’re supposed to do it or look upon it. It’s A way of doing it and A perspective.
I take influence from a lot of other bakers from around the world and I’ll try to give credit back. We are all baking the same bread in the end, and what’s considered my perfect bread could be your worst scenario. Let’s just try to learn more about baking with natural yeasts and our good selves.

Come join me!

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