Building THE baking studio – part 4

This next part of the studio journey is made in partnership with Xcen Belysning.

When I embarked on my journey to build the baking studio, I knew I needed help getting it to the premium feeling I was looking for.
The guys Xcen Belysning lifted the visual of this concept studio one step further by designing all the lightning! They did such a good job with something I would probably have overlooked that I wanted to give them some spotlight of their own in my channel and blog.

I sent them the drawings of the studio and some video showing the, by then still, garage. Also explaining my need for great lightning for photography and content creation.
I was a bit worried it would be too dusky with too little natural lightning for good photography and evening workshops. The kit they sent me with dimmable spotlights and large led panels remedied that big time!
Each early morning I step in to the studio to bake I’m really thankful for letting the pros handle this. Now I just need to put some stuff up on that big white wall!

I wouldn’t be able to live my passion it it wasn’t for sponsors believing in my mission and craft. By supporting them you’re supporting me!

The LED spotlights:

The LED panels: