Building THE baking studio – part 3

In my previous post writing about this Baking Studio journey I’ve focused on the planning, interior and machinery. In this third part I want to show you the result so far.

A moving pictures glimpse of an operational studio, practically ready for a smaller exclusive production, educational workshops and even better online content. The ovens are there, coolers and freezers, the slab, the work spaces, the mixer (it’s on the floor so you cant see it – Miss Baker pro XL) and the water area.

All that’s missing now is a bigger fan in the wall above the ovens to enhance ventilation.

Now the real fun work begins as well to make it my studio, cozy it up and fill it with the details I love! I’m thinking pictures of the bread making process, wheat varieties and some of my original prints on the bigger white wall! More bread baskets, jars full of wheat and rye berries and bread spices. And of coarse loads of beautiful and sustainable hand crafted bread and buns. I have an idea of a cooling rack in two or three stories on one of the walls.

A warm thank you

Cannot begin to describe the feeling of closing up on this project. Much with the encouragement and support from the online baking community, and my partners.

I’d like to send a special thank you to the supporters out there who donated some of their resources to boost my funding during this spring, via the GoFundMe campaign. It is still active and I’m going to evolve the close supporter concept once I’m up and running at 100% – this fall.

The near future

During the rest of this summer (July & August) I will focus a couple of hours a day on producing a line of exclusive products to my friends at Swerl Coffee Club, who’ll have a mobile coffee bar on one of Falkenbergs sweetest spots.

During late July I’m aiming to launch a new site as well, with the possibility to order a smaller stock for pick up at the studio, which will grow in the fall.

Glad you’re following me on this journey!