International Workshops

I am available for international workshops outside of sweden and would love to visit you and your establishment! I do trainings for both homebakers and professionals looking for more inspiration in nordic baking.

For booking inquiry: E-mail me at

I’m also planning some international workshops at my studio in Falkenberg. I’m more than glad to help with accomodations and travel logistics if you’re travelling from abroad. If there is enough interest I’ll do a longer (2-4 days) international training, let me know if there’s interest in joining!

Below you’ll find the current planned internation trainings available for booking. Further down you’ll find a more detailed description of these courses.
To book your spot, klick the title below and I will get back to you with prefered payment method.

The trainings will be at my studio. Check out this page on adress information, parking etc.

About my Workshops:

Sourdough bread – basics

This workshop is for those who wants to learn how to bake bread made from purely sourdough, or those who’ve been baking sourdough bread sporadically and wants to get even more consistenly “good” results. By “good” i mean:

  • A very tasty bread that lasts long.
  • Good aeration and pleasant structure.
  • Beautiful inside and out.
  • Sustainably made using the best local ingedients.

The course will focus on bread made from wheat flour, with variations in wholegrain and hyrdation levels. I find practical experience vital in developing a sense for the craft, so I’ll put a lot of focus in this. During the course you will be:

  • Scoring and baking bread.
  • Mixing and folding dough.
  • Shaping dough.
  • Mixing your sourdough starter.

My goal with these 4 hours is to create an opportunity for training, inspiration and lust for more baking. I’ll be going in to the theoretical background of dough and baking mchanics and there will be room for questions. You will also leave with the following items:

  • A light compendium descibing the process and baking schedules.
  • A bread basket for 800g dough, lined with cotton, with the dough you’ve been practicing on for baking at home.
  • A scoring lame.
  • A surdough starter.
  • A flour mix from local, organic and frashly milled grains for your next bake.
  • All the bread you’ve baked!

I’ll also be serving a sandwich and swedish sweet buns at the start, with coffee.