How I bake the Country Style Sourdough Bread in 6 stages – Introduction

Hey there!

I’m often asked how I do things, with what it’s done, when to do what and why it’s done.

Now I want to give all of my fellow followers out there an insight to my bread making through a VERSION BASED PROCESS (rather then exact recipes).

Starting tomorrow (August 8th) and over the following week I’ll post all the stages describing how I bake the country style white Sourdough bread in 6 stages (plus an analytic stage).

A shorter version focusing on visual will be posted on Instagram (@danlarn) and a longer version to cover the details will be presented on this site under the “How I bake” section.

These articles will at the end of the week be combined to one longer process. Practice and understand this process down and you’ll be able to vary this style of bread in eternity.

Welcome to VERSION 1.0 for this style of bread with the goal of producing a juicy, soft crumb with lots of evenly distributed glossy air bubbles and crispy caramelized crust in an artistic bloom!