10 tips in 10 days: 2 – Consistent result from a consistent starter

The Sourdough Starter! Expect consistency in result by treating your starter with consistency

Feed your starter at the same timings each day, with the same type of flour, at the same ratios and keep it at the same temperatures!

Your aim should be to have a starter that doubles in size over the same period of time. Adapting the variables above slightly over time to reach this when you notice the change in timings.

I myself am a living thing. I like food and I like to have regularity in the intake of energy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at about the same time each day makes me happy. And some snacks in between of course. I enjoy eating food I’m used to and like. I like being moderately warm and I really don’t like being cold! All this is of course very natural to you and me as human beings.
And my greatest tip to keeping an active healthy starter is to give these things also to your millions of living yeast bacteria.
Do not cut corners over a long time. Of course, I could starve for a couple of days too, In a cooler. I’d survive that and function, yet I wouldn’t be very happy or productive. Your starter will probably function to leaven a dough too, with inconsistency in the feeding, yet the full potential wouldn’t be reached!

The 1st picture shows the crumb of yesterday’s sourdough loaf. 25% fresh milled organic Ölands wheat and the rest organic bread flour from my region (Limabacka kvarn). 74% hydration and a long healthy fermentation, starting with an active and happy starter!

The 2nd picture shows my starter in regress on a warm day, after peaking and having a high acidic load.

The 3rd picture shows my starters rise in progress from today (a couple of hours in).

I’ve basically been having a dough rising every day during the last years. Most often in a bowl or a box, and if not; in my thoughts.
Along with the coming week’s posts I will share 10 of the most valuable insights I’ve had that’s lead to more consistent result in baking high quality, beautiful goods from home (in no particular order).
Would love it if you comment or DM with questions, I always do my best to answer!