10 tips in 10 days: 3 – Pizza dough easy shaping

Get that round shaped pizza with fluffy Cornicione (edges) easily by using an individual container for each dough ball.

By putting the shaped pizza dough ball in a round and very slightly oiled container, with lid, you will make the whole pizza process a delight! In my experience, this method will help you keep shape and gas. Something easily lost when lifting and separating proofed dough balls.

  • Just turn it upside down and let gravity do its thing (shake it lightly to help if you’re impatient). Oh, and in the video I’ve cut ahead to the release to spare you the shaking.
  • Let it land upon a pile of flour and put some more on top.
  • Pat it gently to open it up a little at a time to preserve its original round shape.
  • Lift it away from the pillow of white dust and dust it off lightly to lose some of the most excess flour, then put it on a cleaner surface. I like using a cutting board to reduce the cleaning time.

How you proceed from here Is up to you to make the pizza open up as evenly as possible. I’m currently practicing at the method in the video. Just feels good (once again working with gravity as my tool).

Also, the longer you’ve proofed the ball, and the more water and weaker flour you’re using, the easier will the ball open up into a pizza ball.

Today’s dough was made from 80% Caputo Tip 00 (Blue bag) and 20% strong wheat flour (Kvalitetsvete Berte). It usually turns out very slack, so I tend to put it in the fridge for some time before the shaping phase, to gain a little more control.

No matter what, the trick with the round container will make it easier and that’s what’s at focus here. 0,5-liter containers fit very well for dough balls up to 250g. I prefer around 220g (such as in this video) to make it bake faster.

The pictures shows two pizzas baked in a home electrical oven (on a steel). The first one after a 24-hour rise, the second after another 16 in the fridge.

I’ve basically been having a dough rising every day during the last years. Most often in a bowl or a box, and if not; in my thoughts.
Along with the coming week’s posts I will share 10 of the most valuable insights I’ve had that’s lead to more consistent result in baking high quality, beautiful goods from home (in no particular order).
Would love it if you comment or DM with questions, I always do my best to answer!