10 tips in 10 days! 7: Pre-heat deluxe

Optimize radiation heat transfer by maxing heat settings a good 2 hours+ before baking. This series is about finding consistency in baking great results at home, and the heat transfer to your dough is a key element to this.

There are three types of heat affecting your dough.

1. Convection (the hot air around the doigh).
2. Conduction (transfer from one medium to another)
3. Radiation.

The first two peaks quite quickly. The last one comes from the oven walls, ceiling and bottom, from the mass of the oven (metal and other parts). The longer you’re heating up this mass, the more it will radiate to the other mass inside the oven (to a point of course).
Higher heat mass equals to greater potential in the rise of the baked goods.
If you’re worried about the climate affects, make sure you’re supplying from a green source if possible. Also I’m quite positive that baking your own bread affects the environment less than buying it as the final product in an industrial process.

The loaf featured from today’s bake shows you a very pleasing oven spring after the double cut score. 33% whole meal wheat at 81% hydration. Baked on a steel with steam added.

And a little reminder – I’m not saying you have to do this to bake good bread, not at all! This is a way to eliminate heat radiation as a factor when it comes to finding what brings your results to an even higher consistency, should you not be happy with it today 😀.