10 tips in 10 days: 8 – Burger bun softness using pre- gelatinized flour (tangzhong)

By adding a paste made from 1 part wheat flour and 5 parts water (or milk) to your standard enriched burger bun dough, you’ll be getting a very fluffy bun, that holds longer before going dry.

Heat the paste to 65 degrees Celsius and add it to the liquid of the dough basically. You could let it cool quite a bit before adding it too, not to tenper too much with the final dough temp. A dough enriched with butter won’t like getting too hot at the start!

I use roughly 25-30% Tang Zhong in relation to total flour weight, seems good enough.
Also, as stated in earlier tips, time (with a risk of getting repetitive) is of most importance to ensure consistency in the final result. Let it rise for a long time using low amounts of sourdough/yeast (I like seeing it doubled at least after shaped as buns) and you will be rewarded.

The video on this post shows you just how tender and light this buns is.

I’ve basically been having a dough rising every day during the last years. Most often in a bowl or a box, and if not; in my thoughts.
Along with the coming week’s posts I will share 10 of the most valuable insights I’ve had that’s lead to more consistent result in baking high quality, beautiful goods from home (in no particular order).
Would love it if you comment or DM with questions, I always do my best to answer!